My First Attempt at a Blog

This is the post excerpt.

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Hearing vs Listening

This may be an emotional entry for some, including me, or to some it may just be another entry! I intended to write this for my fellow emergency responders, but I have a feeling that it may be a good read for everyone. Lately I have been joking with my wife about listening to what […]

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Paramedics Versus the Rest of the Team

Over my career I have built many relationships that have stemmed from multiple years of working in various locations, and various settings. Recently, I found myself thinking about the relationships that we, as paramedics, have formed with the rest of our healthcare team. We work closely with doctors, nurses, support staff, and other ambulance jockeys […]

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The Winter Time Blues

I haven’t been very diligent over the last few months, as it was my intention to blog every week. Obviously that hasn’t happened! However, I have made a few resolutions for this new year. One of which is to make more of an effort to enlighten people as often as I can into the mind […]

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A Trip to the Big City

For those of you who weren’t aware, I have recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas and was back to work the next morning, a little tired of course. After many years I had decided it was time to experience the annual EMS World Expo. I had traveled with a fellow classmate from my […]

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Paramedic Thanksgiving

I had written a post yesterday but I wasn’t sure if it was up to my standards of quality, so it sits saved for a later date. However, being that it’s Canadian Thanksgiving today, I have decided that we should explore what a paramedic, or maybe just myself might be thankful for this year. To […]

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First Responder Memorials

On August 25th of this year, the federal government of Canada had declared that the second Sunday of September will now be designated as Firefighters’ National Memorial Day. Yesterday in our local service area, we in Emergency Medical Services were invited by our volunteer fire department to participate in their memorial program. It was a […]

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